Thursday, October 14, 2010

Little Black Dress

I love this new Priscilla of Boston dress (style VY1515).  It looks great on the hanger and fantastic on! I had an appointment over the weekend and the bridesmaid was seriously trying to get me to sell it to her off the rack so she could wear to an event next weekend. It is sharp!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

It's Amore - Part One

Flashback to 2001, I'm en route to Italy for a few weeks to study Art History. Gosh, I love College, did I really get credit for that? Anyway, the group of girls on the trip were fabulous.  During our time abroad, I became fast friends with a girl named Kasey.  We stayed friends through college but lost touch after school.  Earlier this year we re-connected in Indianapolis and have picked up right where we left off.  She is truly one of the most genuine people I know and I am blessed to have her friendship!

There is a reason, I'm telling you all this.  I'll get to the point.  So while we were in Rome at the Trevi fountain, you can throw 1,2, or 3 coins. One Coin: You will return to Italy, Two Coins: Will lead to a new romance, Three Coins: Will lead to Marriage.

Well, I'd love to know the combination of coins Kasey threw into the fountain because it worked!  Not only did she return to Italy but her boyfriend at the time - Josh flew over, surprised her and proposed while she watched the sunset over Florence with her family. Swoon!

Kasey's wedding was a very Bella affair - she outfitted her 10 bridesmaids and 3 "usherettes" in Bella dresses. She also found shower dresses and a dress for her rehearsal dinner during her many visits to the store.  Pictures from her wedding events and big day to come. Here is a sneak peak of her "usherettes" wearing Simple Silhouettes Phlox dress.