Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Bachelorette Bliss

I have been to my fair share of Bachelorette parties. Some great, some not so great. Here's what I've learned about planning a successful Bachelorette party!

First things first.... when you're planning a bachelorette party you need to get the bride's opinion and ideas on what she wants. This is HER last hooray and you want her happy! If she doesn't want feather boas and male strippers - make sure you communicate that. The last thing you want is her feeling uncomfortable on her night.

Next, talk to the bridal party about the bride's ideas and get their input. You probably also want to bring up the sensitive subject of a BUDGET! Eek! Nobody likes to talk about money, but it's more awkward if you don't and assume everyone can afford what you've planned.

Pick a date and communicate especially if girls are going to be traveling - the sooner the better. Also, make sure to give everyone your cell phone number - that way if you get split up or someone gets locked out of the hotel - they can call you. Lastly, remember this is all about the bride and have fun! Cheers!

Onto to locally owned Indy resources to pull off a killer bachelorette party!

Everyone's excpecting an Evite why not go old school and send an invitation. Periwinkle in Broadripple has super fun, girly bachelorette invitations. Stop in their boutique or call them 255-1002.

Want to make a custom tee for the Bride-to-Be? Head over Teeki Hut in Broadripple. You can even upload your own pic online and if you bring in an old T-shirt they'll take $5 off your order.

We've all been to the bachelorette party where the bride gets one of everything Victoria's Secret has to offer - mix it up and go to Pillow Talk in Carmel for fabulous lingerie! You can also use their store for bachelorette parties! They even serve up appetizers for you and your girls. For details email: info@pillowtalkinfo.com

Antique Limo of Indy - don't let the name fool you, they rent party buses as well. This bad boy below is pimped out with 2 bars, cocktail table, VCR, 2 TVs and leather wrap around couches. Rates are $465 for 3 hours (minimum) but I'd willing to bet you could negotiate on price. What's the harm in asking anyway?!?

More bachelorette ideas to come. Stay tuned!

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